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  • Plant Tissue Culture

    PlantTissue Culture products profiles

      Scienlead Biotech Co., Ltd. was full use of technology and personnel advantages, meanwhile combine the own characteristics and innovation. Seeding biotech adopt the mordern bio-engineering techology and under the professors'guidance by Zhejiang University and has became one integrated science and technology enterprise, which including Herba Dendrodii,blue berry,Officinalis,orchid,mushrooms, GAP's plant and scarcity cash crops' culture and biological research,products development etc... Company has the patent number of Herba Dendrodii:200810120756.4


    The Main Items

      Our company provide seedling of Herba Dendrodii Officinalis ,Crocus sativas and so on. 


    Product display

      Dendrobium officinale iS a kind of traditional medicinal material in China that belongs to national second class protected medicinal plants.It has unique health—care and medicine values for many people due to containing abundant polysaccharides and manosn
      Saffron,also known as Crocus sativu,is a perennial herbaceous plant,which belongs to the Iridaceae of Crocus and originally lives in Spain、Turkey、Greece、Iran and so on.
     Cantact Us
            Contact: MR.Yu

    Dendrobium officinale


    Contact: MR.Chou




    Company Website:www.xgyxnn.com

    Company Name: Scienlead Biotech Co., Ltd.

    Company Address:Building10#, Chuangda High-tech Park, Weishan, County,Shandong Province, P.R.China

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